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“The copy really stood out”

Law Firm Marketing 360 wrote copy that really stood out: it is fresh and engaging. She approached the topic — and the research — with open eyes, offering important perspectives on the messaging and design. And she was extremely professional throughout: she handled some sensitive interactions very well. I can’t think of anything Law Firm Marketing 360 could do to improve her services further!”

Eli Gross, CEO, Sapir
Investment Group

The Background

The Core Centers — a small drug and alcohol rehab facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida —saves lives every day. Within this nurturing, growth-oriented environment, 562 pain-batteredaddicts have taken back control of their lives.The Centers’ unique combination of scientific andholistic therapies — coupled by the deep caring and understanding of staff — propels residents onto their desired course of long-term healing.
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The Problem smily icon Core Centers

Young people who needed help the most were turned off by the pedantic, jargon-heavy copy on Core Centers’ existing website. Their branding and messaging needed an update that reflected their expertise and connected with prospects. And the stale, outdated design begged for a revitalization to bring it up to the level of modern, tech-savvy millenials.

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The Solution smile icon Core Centers

Create a poignant, empowering website that highlights exactly how The Core Centers rescues people from the brink — and pushes those in need to make that life-saving call.

The design: fresh, young, and hopeful. Vibrant, sunny images reflect the potential for brighter futures. The fresh, bold color palette was designed to appeal to a mostly masculine market — and to convey strength, vitality, and new beginnings. (Designed by

The copy: understanding, relatable, and action-inspiring. Compassionate messaging reminds addicts of life before addiction, while heart-wrenching testimonials and success stories illustrate the motivating before-and-after possibilities.

The core message: You are strong enough — and worthy enough — to change your life. And we’re here to help.

At The Core Centers, you’ll be embraced by people who understand your struggle, in a soothing location with access to cutting edge therapies and treatments to put you back on your feet — and get a new lease on life.

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