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Effective Law Firm PPC Management:  Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Get High-Level Online Brand Exposure and Attract Quality More Leads With Our Lawyer PPC For Law Firms Management

Make Your Law Firm Brand Visible
to Your “Potential New Cases”
Target Audience with Lawyer
Practice Focused PPC Management

Law Firm PPC management is a paid search model used to boost your law firms web traffic from target audience segments, increase brand exposure, build brand awareness, book more consults and cases. With PPC ads, law firm’s only pay when a visitor clicks on their ad, making it a cost-effective law firm marketing strategy. By placing ads strategically on various online platforms, you make your brands highly visible to your target market. At Law Firm Marketing 360, we help law firm manage their PPC campaigns to achieve their marketing goals.

Make Your Law Firm Brand Visible
to Your Potential New Cases
Target Audience with Lawyer
Practice Focused PPC Management

From social media to Google ad management, our PPC management company ensures your campaigns are compelling enough to drive the desired actions. With years of experience, you can trust our expertise for the best ROI-oriented PPC campaigns.
Different Types of Law Firm PPC Ads You Can Use
Different Types of Law Firm PPC Ads You Can Use
Depending on your niche and needs, we can help you boost your online brands with various PPC ads, including:
  • lawyer-seo-icon-1 Search Ads
These PPC ads target customers who are already searching for your law practice area online.
  • lawyer-seo-icon-1 In-Stream Ads
This PPC ad appears on YouTube videos, search results, and other YouTube video partners.
  • lawyer-seo-icon-1 Lawyer Display Ads

Display ads appear on Google’s partner websites. They maximize the use of photos and texts to target people who visit industry-related sites.

  • lawyer-seo-icon-1 Law Firm Social Ads
These PPC ads use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach targeted prospects based on their interests, hobbies, occupation, and more.
  • lawyer-seo-icon-1 Google Law Firm / Attorney Local Service Ads
These ads allow prospects to view products and services on Google’s search engine result pages before they even click onto a website.
  • lawyer-seo-icon-1 Law Firm Remarketing Ads
These Lawyer PPC ads appear to users who have already visited your website, reminding them to return to your site and complete their buying process.

Benefits of Law Firm PPC Advertising for Your Firm


PPC management saves on costs since you only pay when a user clicks on your website. It also doesn’t have a fixed cost; you can spend as little or as much as you want.


With our Law Firm PPC management services, youll see potential new client leads almost immediately compared to organic SEO campaigns that may take several days or months.

Targeted Advertising

PPC management helps you advertise directly to your target audience based on their location, demographics, devices they use, and more.


PPC marketing is scalable and customized to your specific Law Firm needs to help achieve your desired results faster.


Choose a Law Focused Pay-Per-Click Management Company That Understands Your Brand
Looking to grow your Law Firm with PPC? You are at the right place! At Law Firm Marketing 360, our PPC specialist’s knowledge and expertise enable us to work closely with your team to understand your goals and develop an effective PPC ad campaign that fills your sales funnel. What are you waiting for? Grow your law firm’s online brand with us today.
Choose a Law Focused Pay-Per-Click Management Company That Understands Your Brand

The Best Law Firm SEO Services for Lawyers, Law Practices & Solo Law
Practice Marketing.

Use the Power of Premium Search Engine Optimization Services for Lawyers to Reach Potential Clients, Grow Your Law Firm, and Build Your Brand
Grow Your Law Practice Clientele
Grow Your Law Practice Clientele
One of the simplest and most common ways for people to find new legal services is by typing into the Google search bar. The effectiveness of your Law Practice SEO strategy is what determines whether they find you or your competitors. As a professional in your field, you do not have the time to focus on the specifics of Legal SEO. The good news is, you don’t have to. Leave it to the experts in legal digital marketing and law-focused SEO services to get your brand out there, reach your relevant audience and rise up the ranks of Google. Our team of experienced law-focused digital marketing professionals will take care of all things SEO, giving you the time and space to do what you do best, which is running your law firm. Want to learn more about our Law Firm SEO services? Contact us and set up a one-on-one consultation with our qualified SEO professionals today.
Location-Specific Law SEO Optimization (Local SEO For Lawyers)
As a law firm, lawyer, or even a solo practice law professional, you understand the need for reaching an audience specific to your relevant geographical location. You offer your services in specific cities or districts, and you want to reach potential clients within those regions.
That’s why we emphasize the importance of optimizing for a local reach. Our strategies are aimed at getting your brand into online directories and making it easier for potential clients around you, to find you.
Location-Specific Law SEO Optimization (Local SEO For Lawyers)

A Tailormade Law Firm SEO Strategy

Every law practice needs a personalized SEO strategy that caters to its specific goals and audience. When you come to us, we go the extra mile to understand exactly what you want out of our services and create highly specialized plans to get you there. This includes keyword research, link-building strategies, trend research that is relevant to your field of practice, your niche, and your specific brand.

How It Works

Schedule a Consultation With a Law Firm SEO Expert

Want to learn about SEO or marketing for lawyers, doctors, or another professional niche? Get in touch with us to have a conversation about your requirements, our pricing, and more.

Let’s Talk Strategy Local Lawyer SEO and Organic Lawyer SEO

Tell us what you want, and our team of SEO professionals will find a way to get you there.

Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation

Once we’ve settled on a strategy, and you’ve given us your stamp of approval, our team will set their focus on implementation.

Watch Your Law Firm Clientele Grow

PPC marketing is scalable and customized to your specific Law Firm needs to help achieve your desired results faster.


Results You Can Measure

Results You Can Measure

As an SEO agency, we believe in giving you results that speak for themselves. With us, you can expect regular updates and complete transparency during every stage of our work process.
Watch your Law Firm grow in real-time with analytics and metrics that matter to you.
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We are an SEO company that puts your goals first. Weve helped hundreds of professionals expand their practice and we can do the same for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about our SEO services and get started with your own personalized plan!
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